Happy new week loves. I am hoping you had a fantastic weekend and your week is up to a good start. But if not, please afford a smile. You know why? Coz the only way for you to go is up.

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I have gotten feedback from a couple of you, which is honestly amazing. I just want to let you know I appreciate every second of the time you take to read what I have to say. You are my most valued asset on this platform and therefore, I promise to take care of your needs.

By now you guys know I’m all about healthy living, positivity, spiritual wellness and good vibes. Disclaimer though…I don’t get to achieve that on my own. I listen to wise counsel from incredible people I thought you should know. Ever since I found out about them, I have been encouraged, inspired, taught and blessed just by listening to them. Here we go….

1. Priscilla Shirer.


Have you watched the movie war room? If you haven’t, please do because that’s where I first discovered this empowered woman of God. Priscilla preaches with power, passion and authority that obviously makes hell nervous. I have been blessed by her works and I thank God for her.

2. Sarah Roberts Jakes.

sarah roberts jakes

You want to talk about being chosen by God? Listen to Sarah Roberts when she’s on the altar. This lady has been through it all. Getting pregnant at fourteen, after that undergoing a very public divorce…..It wasn’t easy for her at all. But because God chose her, she has overcome it all. And God blessed her with a very wonderful man, Pastor Toure Roberts, and together they minister at Potter’s house in Denver and Los Angeles.


Just before I forget, Sarah is the daughter to Bishop TD Jakes.

td jakes

I’m sure y’all have seen or listened to this man. This just goes to show, when God chooses you, he doesn’t give up on you until he has you exactly where you belong.

3. Joyce Meyer.

joyce meyer

When I think about Joyce Meyer, all I think about is FACTS. The lady doesn’t mince her words. She says them just as they are. She is filled with tremendous wisdom from God, which when you hear, all you can do is nod and make a change in your life.

4. Nick Vujicic.

nick vujicic

I have mentioned Nick before in one of my blog posts. The major thing I have learnt from his preaching is being content. As you can see, he was born without arms and legs, but that did not stop him from realizing who he is in Christ and serving him with all his heart.

5. Milly and Peter Kabi.


Commonly known as the Wajesus family, these two have shown that true love exists and marriage works. Most importantly, the importance of leading a life led by God.

6. Joel Osteen.


Wow…..Are you feeling lost? Low? Depressed? Confused? Just look for Joel Osteen. Your spirits will be lifted and you will definitely remember who you truly are in Christ.

There are many different people that bless my soul, who you’ll get to know with time. If you know these people, may you continue to be blessed. But if not, just start listening to them and thank me later. Till next time, Baraka.

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